Thursday, December 14, 2017

Good & Bad ...all in one day!

Hi all,
the season is in full swing now, last week we had an amazing encounter with a nesting female Hawksbill turtle, being able to observe her whole nesting process from her emergence to her exit. We also had a couple of enthusiastic volunteers for the day; Johanna and fact Johanna was the one to spot the turtle first! We stayed with the nesting turtle for almost 2 hours to ensure she safely made her way back to sea after laying her eggs.
Happy volunteers behind the nesting turtle
counting the eggs as they are laid
However, as we moved onto another nesting beach for patrol, the team found signs of a possible poached incident, as Vanessa the Project Leader went to double check, it was then observed that the turtle's up tracks had been erased by humans due to the footprints alongside the track and there wasn't any down tracks, after a quick search under some dry coconut leaves, the poached turtle was found, very likely hidden there for later collecting as she was still intact.
It was later observed that the turtle was barely alive and past away on it's way to try and get some treatment.

poached turtle found hidden under natural debris

injury to the head
 It is important that any poaching incidents observed are reported promptly and even if suspicious people are found around nesting beaches. Please do contact the authorities.
do take note!