Thursday, September 16, 2010

The monitoring continues...

Being the new guy on the block my work as the researcher for MCSS has just started. I was fortunate enough to be starting at the same time volunteers, interns and students were coming in for the whale shark program.

Shane Lucas, a student at the International school Seychelles came to MCSS for his work attachment. He is actually assigned to me, for helping me with the turtle monitoring. It’s been almost a month t hat he is here with me but unfortunately he hasn’t been fortunate enough to encounter a sea turtle on our monitoring beaches.

Well, we at MCSS hope that changes before he leaves us…..

On the more positive side of things, well we were able to see some tracks. By some tracks I mean 6 tracks. That doesn’t sound like much but it’s always a result!

As luck would have it, the first track was that of a green turtle which we encountered on our first monitoring session together.

Fresh tracks during the patrol, photo Shane Lucas.

One of the interns, Mariska Van Geldorp, is also helping us on the track counts that we do, once a week for the moment. That will intensify as the month progresses.

Devis, his brother Mickey and volunteer Mariska on beach patrol, photo Shane Lucas

Unfortunately one of the nests on the monitored beach has a dog problem. That being said, the dog in question has been up to quite a bit of mischief on his own. It has destroyed one nest already. The plan is to try and capture this dog in a manner that doesn’t involve killing it and bring it to a shelter.

So as you can assume not much is happening for the moment concerning the turtles.

As I’m still fresh on the job I haven’t been able to meet or introduce myself to everybody that is involve in the turtle monitoring in the area………. Do not worry or feel left out I will get a chance to meet you and formally introduce myself to you all. Furthermore I wish to thank everybody that has been and still involve in the protection and conservation of these majestic animals.