Saturday, September 12, 2009

SWOT latest turtle report

SWOT Report issue 1 to 4

The fourth issue of the SWOT Report has recently been published. It features the first-ever map of global flat-back turtle nesting data, genetic stocks, and in-water distribution. Other highlights include articles about why leatherback populations vary globally, how retail sales help communities and sea turtles in Brazil.

SWOT Report is a unique publication that brings sea turtles into the hearts and minds of people around the world. Published annually since 2006, the rich educational content that fills each volume is generated by SWOT’s extensive network of partners, the SWOT Team, and is designed to harness the group’s collective power by highlighting their success stories, innovations, and new findings.

SWOT Report is distributed back to the SWOT Team members who helped create it, free of charge, for use in their own local outreach campaigns in communities where sea turtles nest, forage, and migrate.
To download your copy of the report visit the SWOT website.

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