Monday, September 14, 2009

MCSS welcomes turtle volunteer, Catarina Schlott

Hello there!

I am Caterina, a biology student from Dresden, Germany a volunteer on the Turtle Monitoring Project for the period of September/October 2009. As part of my studies I am doing an internship in a field of study that I can pick as well as the place where to do it – so I chose to come to the beautiful Seychelles and start some extraordinary work which I could have never experienced at home!

A unique chance in a unique environment about amazing animals with the great supervisor (Elke) is the objective. Elke always has answers to my questions and has a superb knowledge about the marine turtles as well as land and fresh water turtles. She is familiar with the beaches, turtle nesting sites and is furthermore concerned about the awareness that people should have towards turtles and does everything to support it.

Catarina’s first (very wet!) day at work with MCSS, photo Elke Talma.

Our focus is the monitoring of nesting marine turtles as hawksbill and green turtles. My first monitoring trip was very wet as it rained a lot, but gave a first insight in monitoring in general, how a nest looks like and where the turtle ladies prefer to go. The second (and most recent one) was very spectacular due to meeting a turtle that just come out to do her duty. What a great experience!

Catarina’s first encounter (and second work day) with a nesting Hawksbill, photo Elke Talma.

I am very excited for the upcoming weeks and happy to enrich my knowledge through the project!

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