Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet Patricia, Marcels Mathiot's better half...

Hi I am Patricia, Marcel’s better half and I am also a keen turtle conservationist. I believe that it’s through the children that our best work will be done so it’s nice to meet you Mathew such a very young turtle lover.

Take heart you are not alone, my grandchildren are also keen turtle conservationists and have been ever since they were knee high to a grasshopper. It is pure magic for them to know that Turtles nest in their grandparent’s front garden and then, when they are here, to watch the hatchlings swimming off to sea.

They also enjoy having adopted a turtle each and look forward to the updates that they receive through the year from MCSS. These they share with their teachers and classmates at school.

It was through the turtle adoption scheme that they were introduced to the need for conservation so if you are thinking about giving an unusual Christmas gift why not make it a turtle adoption. Just click on this link which will take you to the MCSS site.


turtle chick said...

to counter marcel's new found claim to fame (4 comments on his blog), i thought i'd leave a comment on yours - can't think of what to say though!

hope you enjoy your green turtle hatchling adventure and hope to read about it in your next blog :)

Tit Oiseau said...

Good to see you are actively involved with the turtle project Pat !! Marcel does indeed need a helping hand from his " better half " ... off course not forgetting the little hatchlings !! Enjoy every moment girl !!