Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet Matthew, the youngest (and newest) team member

Matthew, the newest and youngest turtle monitoring recruit! Photo, Elke Talma

Meet Matthew Kolodziej, the youngest MCSS volunteer to join the Turtle Monitoring Team. Matthew is 4 months old and already is proving to be a keen marine biologist. His favourite book of all time is the SeaSmart Kidz Alphabet of the Sea produced by the Save our Seas Foundation ( He likes it so much, that he will not go to bed until his mommy, Tracy, had read him the Alphabet of the Sea!

Matthew's favourite book, available from the Save Our Seas Foundation

While MCSS Research Officer, Elke, was hoping to show Matthew his first turtle (she had a strong turtle vibe the whole time they were walking!), luck was not on their side. As MCSS monitors multiple beaches, it’s hit and miss with regards to turtle encounters and that day it proved to be a miss as a turtle had indeed nested on beach #5 that morning. Unfortunately, she left the beach shortly before the team arrived on site, leaving a nice set of fresh tracks to tease them!

As Matthew currently has a memory of 10 to 15 seconds, the experience would have undoubtedly been wasted on him. The close call, however, may tempt his mommy and granny to try their luck again…

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