Monday, September 1, 2008

Turtle Monitoring with MCSS

Since 2003, the Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles has been implementing four complementary and mutually supportive turtle projects that address the strategic, tactical and local scenarios in an attempt to address turtle conservation in an integrated manner. These projects include:

- “Strategic Management of Turtle Populations” launched in June 2003 and funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office through the British High Commission in Victoria.

- “Integrated Turtle Beach Management Project on Intendance beach, South Mahé, launched in August 2003 and funded by Banyan Tree Resort, Seychelles.

- “Conservation of Priority Turtle Rookeries on the Developed Islands” launched in January 2004 and funded by voluntary donations from the general public and business community.

- “Movement patterns of nesting and inter-nesting hawksbill turtles on the developed islands of Seychelles” launched in December 2007 and funded by Barclays Bank Seychelles.

A nesting hawksbill turtle on a beach on South Mahe, photo Jochen Gronau.

Through this blog we hope to keep you up to date with our activities with marine turtles and will introduce some of the MCSS staff and volunteers working on the various projects. You might also get to learn some interesting facts about the marine turtles found around Seychelles.

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