Saturday, September 27, 2008

Meet the Turtle Officers from Constance Lemuria Resort

In November 2006, MCSS was asked to assist with the Turtle Monitoring Programme at Constance Lemuria Resort on Praslin Island, the second largest and second most developed island in Seychelles. Training in Standard Turtle Monitoring Techniques used in Seychelles was carried out by MCSS Research Officer, Elke Talma for Lemuria staff in November 2006, September 2007 and more recently, on the 20th of September 2008.

The main nesting beach at Lemuria Resort on Praslin Island, photo Lemuria Resort

With the recent launch of the MCSS turtle blog, we have asked the 2008 Turtle Officers from Lemuria Resort to introduce themselves:

Meet Robert …

Hi, my name is Robert Matombe and I am a landscape supervisor at Constance Lemuria Resort. I have worked there since 2003 and during this time I have been involved in many environmental programmes and courses, where I have learned many things about plant rehabilitation. After being introduced to the Turtle Monitoring Program last year, however, I must admit that it has been a pleasure and privilege to learn about the plight of turtles and to do my bit in protecting those nesting on our beaches. I am always amazed by the struggle of the emerging hatchlings as they make their way into the wide open ocean and with guidance from Elke, I am hoping to make this the best nesting season yet.

Meet Adrian

Hi, my name is Adrian Allison and I am the landscape manager at Constance Lemuria Resort on Praslin Island. I have been here since January 2008 but before that I worked on North Island for 6 months. I originally come from South Africa, which like Seychelles, has unique wildlife and natural habitats that are important attractions for tourist. Nature conservation, therefore, plays a large role for all of the population in both these countries, so it is important to find a balance between nature and people. I have been privileged to play a small role in the monitoring and protecting of the nesting turtle population of Lemuria Resort and have discovered many facts about these creatures. I am now a firm believer that it is important to help save their environment so they will be able to survive for many years to come.

Meet Marvin…

Hi, my name is Marvin Jolicoeur. I have worked at Constance Lemuria Resort on Praslin Island for almost 2 years now and, from time to time, I have assisted with Turtle Monitoring Programme at the Resort. I enjoy it very much and this year I will be joining the Turtle Monitoring Team as a Turtle Officer. I look forward to learning more about turtles and playing a role in protecting them through the actions that I take, either by teaching others about the importance of protecting turtles or simply by ensuring that the turtles nesting on our beaches are not disturbed.

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