Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sea Turtles versus Dogs

So ....by now everyone should know that sea turtles are my favorite animals in the whole wide world........ but what some people don't know is that dogs are not at all on my list of favorites!! Recently we have had quite a few incidences (as in my last post) where dogs have been injuring Female sea turtles coming up the beach to nest.......... So I can confirm that Dogs will never make it to my favorite animals list unfortunately.
mostly injured around the 2 front flippers

Yesterday was an upsetting day as we had another Sea turtle versus Dog incident where it sadly ended fatally.. the poor turtle was found dead by the time we got there after brutal attacks from a pack of dogs from a house close to one of the beaches we monitor in the south of Mahe. It is clear that the nesting beaches would definitely be more safe for the sea turtles if it could become a temporary protected area at least during the nesting period and MCSS in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Veterinary services aims to reach that goal hopefully!

looks alive but sadly not!

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