Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Goodbye Interns, Hello Kristina!

The French interns have left and so now I will be taking over this blog, muhahaha : I’m Kristina and I will be here for the next couple of months writing my master thesis. What  will I be doing? Great that you ask! I will develop a photo-ID catalogue for the hawksbill turtles here on Mahe using the software I3S Pattern (it is similar to the one they use for whale sharks and works okay so far). Since it hasn’t been evaluated for turtles, my job is to test the software and see how good it performs:-) 
Anais (right) and Kristina (left) digging up the nest.

Some of you might miss the French interns writing here, so here’s a last post including one of them. It happened a couple of weeks back on my first patrol ever here. On the first step of the first beach of my first patrol, we happened to come across a nest right at the entry of the beach. 

There were quite a few dead hatchlings dug up BUT there also were a lot of them left alive. They did not look the best and were dehydrated. Usually, we do not help hatchlings because it is important that they imprint on that beach in order to be able to come back. However, these hatchlings really needed some help. We decided to help them out and leave them to try and make their way. Anaïs and me, we were digging up the nest and helping them to get out of the nest. After a while that they have been trying (or well, not really) Vanessa took them closer to the sea and watered them. From then on, they were able to make it and once in water, they seemed happy and were much more active :-) 

Hope you enjoyed a last French contribution; stay tuned!

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