Monday, February 8, 2010

Help us find Betty!

In December 2009, MCSS deployed two satellite tags on nesting turtles in the South of Mahé. Wilna headed North East and seems to have reached her foraging ground some 100km from Mahé.

Betty, on the other hand is missing in action!
While we are still in contact with Betty’s tag, the signal is too weak to get a good fix on her position.

We suspect that Betty has been killed by poachers, with her carapace dumped in the bushes (hence the weak signal) somewhere in the South of Mahé.

Weak signals from Betty’s tag are originating from the Police Bay area.

If you find Betty’s remains, please let us know! ...if we can retrieve the tag, her death will not be in vain!

MKF-10 Satellite tag with 62GB storage capability, photo Elke Talma

dead or rescued turtles to MENRT Greenline 72 21 11
or MCSS hotline 71 35 00 (

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