Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome to paradise, Banyan Tree style

Hawksbills hatchling, photo Banyan Tree.
The last nest on Intendance beach has hatched and luckily for a group of new arrivals at Banyan Tree Resort, Seychelles, Adam spotted them before they all got away.

Adam and his trusty “hatchling box” waiting for clients to arrive for the release, photo Banyan Tree.

Holding them “hostage”, Adam waited while staff at reception informed clients from the Resort of the happy event and interrupted check-in for the new arrivals, allowing them to experience a once in life time encounter with baby turtles.
A group of about 15 newly arrived tourists gathered to watch the last of the 2008-09 hatchlings leaving Intendance beach, photo Banyan Tree.

Hatchling being assisted out of a footprint, a major obstacle for a tiny reptile trying to make it to the sea, photo Banyan Tree.

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