Monday, April 13, 2009

Thanks for helping out!

MCSS would like to thank everyone who helped with turtle monitoring and beach profile mapping while Elke was on annual leave.

Vanessa Zialor, Nanette Port-Louis and Nigel Simeon from the Environmental Engineering Section in the Ministry of Environment with the assistance of Kirsten Gilray, an ex-MCSS volunteer, carried out weekly monitoring on behalf of MCSS in the South of Mahe.

Vanessa Zialor with a turtle on Curieuse island, photo Pierre Andre Adam.

Additional monitoring was carried out on Intendance beach by Adam Abdulla, while Christopher Adrianne from the Tourism Police, the officers at the Grand Police Army base and David Deny, a resident of South Mahe, kept a lookout on neighbouring beaches.

Christopher Adrianne with a his first ever hatchling, photo Elke Talma.

Unfortunately for them, there was no turtle nesting activity during the 3 weeks that Elke was away, but Vanessa and Nigel did see some hatchlings ... however, they didn’t have a camera handy to document the event!

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