Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008 Turtle Awareness Training for Banyan Tree Resort’s staff.

MCSS would like to thank all Banyan Tree staff who attended the 2008 Turtle Awareness Training. Weekly presentations by Elke Talma, MCSS Research Officer, were organised over the course of 3 months with the aim of attaining 100% staff awareness. Unfortunately due to high guest occupancy over the course of this period, the proposed target could not be met …but that just means there is room for improvement in 2009.

Each participant in the 2008 Turtle Awareness Training received a certificate designed by Elke.

2008 Turtle Awareness Training certificate, photo Elke Talma

In addition to turtle awareness, 4 staff members were given refresher training in Turtle Monitoring Techniques. They were Adam Abdulla, Danny Bibi, Christopher Belle. Paul Isaac was also asked to join the Banyan Tree Turtle Team, as he had been providing valuable information about turtle encounters during the 2007-08 Nesting Season.

2007-08 Turtle Officer from Banyan Tree: Adam Abdulla (right), Christopher Belle (centre) and Danny Bibi (left), photo Elke Talma

While not employed with Banyan Tree Resort, Marcel Mathiot was also able to join in the refresher training.

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